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11/21/14   2015 Pax Values!
From Rick Ruth of the Chicago region, the maintainer of the PAX index system.
Note: PAX values are not an official SCCA item, but are used by our region and others to combine car classes into one class.
11/21/14   2015 Proposed Rules!
These are the proposed rules presented at the last solo committee meeting!
11/12/14   Coneheads Year End Awards Party Info!
Come join both the WWSCC and SCCA for a year end season awards dinner!
9/13/14   Event #8 results!
Great luck with the weather and everyone had dry runs. Due to a delayed start due to fog, and then a fickle finish sensor trip, the number of runs was limited to 3. (photo's Bret Dodson and Joe Goeke).
8/22/14   Event #7 results!
Some of the best weather all year and only 105 show up!
8/22/14   Regional Pro #3 results!
Great weather and only 55 showed up for what is a very unique privilege of a ProSolo our region has!
8/18/14   Event #6 results!
8/8/14   Event #5 results!
145 enjoyed 4 hot and dry runs! Did I mention it was hot! ;-). For more detailed results, goto the Results page. (Photo's by Jodi Fordahl)
7/15/14   Packwood ProSolo Results!
144 had a great weekend in packwood! Here's a link to paxed results! For a nice writeup in SoloMatters click here. (pictures from Denise Williamson and Dieter Beldi)
7/11/14   Packwood Championship Tour Results!
267 drivers enjoy a steller weekend in Packwood on Karen Babb courses! Great competition with several close classes and the infamous story of cone #401 (see SCCA writeup). Firehouse dinner was great along with the Wingman beer and amazing list of raffle prizes! For the SCCA writup click here! For the Solomatters writeup click here!
6/30/14   Event #4 Results!
On and off wet weather for most groups! Really mixing it up mid way through the season!
5/29/14   Event #3 Results!
Morning was basically dry with the afternoon yielding to some rain.  Fun fast course by Mark Snell!  Photo's by Bret Dobson and Joe Goeke
5/5/14   Event #2 Results!
Wet and soggy, but 101 participants enjoy a challenging Keven Dietz course!
5/5/14   Regional ProSolo Event #1 Results!
Very successful event with most drivers getting dryish runs in the AM! 72 participants got to do a ProSolo event that no other region can offer! Congrats to Josh McCall winning the Challenge over Dan Podhola and Brandon Young in third. Also a lot of fun socializing at the Blue Spruce afterwards!
4/25/14   Evolution Driving Schools Announced!
Full line up of Evo schools to help make you a better driver!
3/31/14   Event #1 Results!
125 Entrants enjoy mostly rain free runs! Also check out the cool interactive results on Cone Chaser (photo's by Bret Dodson).
3/20/14   Annual Tech Returns!
One tech and you are good for the entire season!
3/13/14   Entry Fees Have Gone Up!
It's been a long time since entries fees have been raised, but the time has come to up the entry fee by $5. See Next Event page for all entry fee amounts.
1/24/14   SoloMatters!
The National Solo Communications team has a great up to date website that has all kinds of information and articles on what is going on in SCCA Solo!
1/7/14   2014 Schedule Now Online!
All regional events, ProSolo's, and even the west coast national events plus events in Lincoln!
Be sure to read up on the new barcoding system the NWR is incorporating into the timing system, before the first event!
1/14/13   New Class Announcement!
As a result of our yearly set of rules meetings, the NWR has adopted a new Intermediate Street Tire class.

1/12/13   Regional Series Sponsor!
NWR SCCA welcomes our new Solo Championship Series sponsor Chase Race! Chase Race is a full service fabrication shop located in Duvall, Washington, and serves the needs of race, rally, autocross, and street car enthusiasts in the greater Seattle area. The shop offers a variety of services that can help you prepare for the upcoming season including alignments, custom exhaust and tire mounting/balancing. Visit http://chaserace.com/ for a complete list of services!

12/20/12   Novice Program Sponsor!
DirtFish Rally School is the new 2013 Novice School Sponsor!
12/20/12   Tight -n -Tidy  Continues as the ProSolo Series Sponsor!
Be sure to include the ProSolo series in your schedule, conveniently on Saturdays before regional events at Packwood.  The only Region in the entire country that hosts it's own ProSolo Series!
12/3/12   NWR-SCCA driver discount program announced!
For 2013, the NWR SCCA Solo program is offering an entry discount punch card for novices and drivers that are new to NWR SCCA solo events.!
4/04/13   New Barcoding System Info!

Solo Webmaster: Joe Goeke

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12/9/2014 7:00:00 PM

Ricardo's Mexican in Factoria, Bellevue WA.

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