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NWR of SCCA presents
2019 Novice School!

Welcome to the NWR SCCA Novice School; below is some key information you’ll need to get you ready for a great day of driving.
Date: Saturday May 18th
Location: Bremerton Motorsports Park

For any of you that want to try your hand at autocross, the scca nwr is hosting a novice school out in Bremerton in 3 weeks. Its a great opportunity to come drive your car and learn how autocross works.

The fee is $55 for an entire day and includes lunch provided by the lions club. Entrants will also receive one free entry to the regular event # 3 which is the following day, also held in Bremerton. There is a 15 dollar weekend membership fee for non-scca members for club insurance reasons. 

Instructors will  be driving their own cars and giving students rides during the lunch hour. HIGHLY recommended to take advantage of these ride alongs as they are packed with eye opening knowledge and excitement.  Details below:

Please note non-SCCA members will be required to purchase a weekend membership for an additional $15 on-site the day of the school.  (Sign up for an annual membership at SCCA.com)
What’s included:
A full day of learning. It includes a free lunch provided by the Lions Club and a FREE entry into Event #3 on May 21st., the Sunday following the Novice School. This is an extra value of $35 alone; the education of the school is priceless!
Registered entrants will receive a special packet of information covering activities/school format for the day, look for that email about a week before the school. Please study this information well prior to the day of the event. It will also help you understand the basic format of an autocross event.
Our instructors:
Our instructor pool includes champions from both regional and national autocross competitions. 
Arrive/Gates open: 7:00 a.m.
Check-In/Registration/Sign Waivers/Tech Inspection: 7:30am
Instruction starts: 8:30am (Required Novice drivers meeting)
If you have a helmet you can use, please bring it. The organization only has so many loaner helmets, so the more who can provide their own, the better. Your helmet must be rated Snell 2005 or newer (usually says on a sticker on the inside under the padding).
Car Prep:
Make sure the fluid levels in your car are correct... oil, power steering, brakes. etc.
Check your tire pressures. Your recommended tire pressure is on the sidewall of the tire; you'll want your pressure set to the pressure recommended. If you need help just ask.
You should remove all loose items from your vehicle including the trunk; ALL items including floor mats. The less you bring in your vehicle to the class, the less you need to remove when you get to the class.
No “R” (racing) compound tires (use only street tires, with a tread wear rating of 200 or greater).
Key notes:
Bring snacks or extra drinks if you would like, but the Lion's Club will provide breakfast sandwiches, coffee and other items for a fee.
There are portable toilets on-site.
No alcohol, drugs, or firearms are allowed on site.
Be prepared for any forecasted weather (and maybe un-forecasted as well) this means, rain jacket, umbrella, rain shoes, sun block and some rain cover to protect your valuables from the rain.
SCCA Insurance rules require all participants must have a valid driver’s license.
To register for the novice school please visit:
*There is a entry limit and registration will close a few days before the school.
General questions before the event contact your novice chiefs, Bill, Allen, Jessy at: nwr.scca.solo@gmail.com
The SCCA schedule and following day’s SCCA event can be found on the link below; don’t forget to pre-register for the event.
http://nwr-scca.org/solo/schedule.asp - Click the "Register Online Here" button

NOTE:  Please be reminded that ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they are not allowed on the site. Minor drivers, passengers, course workers (and any other minor) whose official capacity requires him/her to enter a "hot" area, MUST have a waiver on file that is signed by BOTH parents/legal guardians. To get detailed information on the insurance waivers and to print out the minor waiver, click here.

NWR SCCA conducts solo schools from time to time. Stay tuned to this page to get information on the next upcoming school!

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