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Event Results

These are the results for the Fordahl Motorsports Regional series events for the 2008 season.

Events by date:
Event #1
Event #2
Event #3
Event #4
Event #5
Event #6
Event #7
Event #8

Season Points Standings
NOTE: With the NWR-SCCA series you needed to sign up as an SCCA member by the 5th event, as outlined in the NWR sups, in order to be eligible for year end trophies.

Team Points Standings

ProSolo Series:
These are the results for the
Tight-n-Tidy Racing ProSolo Series events for the 2007 season.

Regional ProSolo #1  | Regional ProSolo #2Packwood ProSolo

ProSolo Series Results

Other Results:
Packwood National Tour

Archive of Past years:
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

NORPAC Divisional Results!
Check out last years NORPAC divisional results using the NORPAC Website!

National Level Results
Be sure to check out how NWR participants have done at the National Series events under the "National Events" button on the left menu.

The results are posted soon after each event takes place.  However, these task like all Solo tasks, are done by volunteers and sometimes it takes a few days to get the audited and reviewed results online!

For NT and ProSolo results and stories on how the NWR did at these events "National Events" button below. 

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