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NWR of SCCA presents
Packwood ProSolo #2
Presented by:
Location: Packwood
When: Saturday,  June 1st
Cost: $45 pre-register. $50 on-site registration Additional $15 for non SCCA member.
  All entrants MUST BE SCCA Members!  You can sign up for SCCA membership at the event!  More info here. You can apply the $15 weekend membership for a discount on an annual SCCA membership (keep your copy of the weekend form).

Click here for On-line Registration (NOTE: Closes Thursday at 6 PM before event)

Click here for the NWR ProSolo series rules

Registration and Tech will be open from 8:00 to 9:00.  First cars on course at 9:20

At registration you will get two timing cards, one for each side course. These will be picked up from your windshield in grid.

Classes will be divided into two halves. One half will run first and work second. The class division will be determined when we have a better idea of class sizes.

Classes will be assembled in grid. Timing cards will be picked up and the first set of cars will proceed to the staging lanes. Cars will take four runs switching from side to side. They will then park. When the first half has completed they will work and the other half will run. When the second half finishes we will have a short break. The first half will move back to grid and we'll do it again.

When each car has taken their 8 runs we'll score the event. The top 32 cars will qualify for the open challenge and 8 for the Ladies challenge. We'll then draw names from a hat for the bonus challenge. The number of entrants in each challenge may depend on how quickly things run.

Cars will be lined up in qualification order and we'll run the Bonus and Ladies challenge while Open challenge participants work. They'll then swap and we'll run the Open challenge.

Dual Drivers:
The lower numbered driver will go first. You will place both of his cards on the windshield. After he has taken all of his runs he will pull into the dual driver grid. You will then put the second driver;s cards on the windshield. The second driver will get into the car and get ready to run. We will then feed the second drivers all at once into the staging lanes with enough other first drivers to make a reasonable group. When the second driver has finished his runs he will park the car.

There may be a brief delay at the end of the half as we wait for the last second drivers to get ready.

Stay tuned to this page to get information on the Packwood ProSolo as it unfolds!

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