Northwest Region SCCA

Minutes from the NWR Board Meeting of 04 January 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by RE John Taylor at Poodle Dog in Fife.


In Attendance:             John Taylor, RE;

Sandy Taylor, Treasurer - Race;

                                    Scott Miller, ARE;

                                    Chuck Huffington, ARE - Race;

Gretchen Everett, ARE - Solo;

Tim Weidemann, Secretary Solo, Member at Large;

Karen Babb, Member at Large;

Steve Schattenbild, Secretary,

Kito Brielmaier, Guest Dirtfish Rally


Kito Brielmater is introduced.


Previous minutes are amended to show the Corvette Club will meet at the Puyallup Fairgrounds instead of Pacific Raceways.


Steve Schattenbild moves to accept previous minutes, Karen Babb seconds, no objections, motion passes.


Treasurer report

Sonya Vasquez was unavailable for this meeting due to emergency surgery. There are no new changes to accounts.



Race has tentative dates set, but no deposits made. Partial deposits are made at Pacific. Ridge contract needs review.


Time Trials

Dave Conover would like to tie Time Trials with Track Night in America, to encourage participation in other programs like PDX by incorporating class time. The idea would to have class time for those interested 1 hour prior to TNIA.



Solo is prepping for Coneheads and putting a schedule together. Voting will take place Jan 12 concerning rules changes. Possible venues for events are still being sought, including Terminal 5 or Emerald Downs. John Taylor also has some contacts to explore for possible venues including Arlington Airport.



No new business.



No new business.



Membership numbers are 782.


Tire Rack Street Survival

Linda Ducan has withdrawn from consideration for Street Survival National Chair. Tim Irwin has volunteered to head the program. March 6 is a possible next date. Scott Godler is the new National Chair.


Rally Cross

See New Business.


Old Business

Banquet is arranged, Solo would like to review the venue.

The Region would like written proposals for Asset Advantage submitted from Race and Solo to make disbursement more transparent.

BOD minutes have been published on the website. Efforts will be made to publish these in a more timely manner.

The BOD email list has been updated to reflect the current Board of Directors.

Elections are for Secretary will commence if a replacement can be found for Steve Schattenbild.

Nominations are open for awards, to include the Manley Enthusiast Award, the Stan Burnett Award, and the Mary Pang Award.

The Corvette show application and information has been provided by Val; we will need to sign up, staff, and provide a vehicle. A display vehicle needs to be selected.



New Business

Rally Cross is a definite area of interest, as SCCA would like to bring back more Rally events. The December Dirt Fish Rally Cross event had good coverage. SCCA would like to introduce both Trials and Sprint, where Trials would have higher speeds with a cage and harness, and Sprint would be priced under Stage Rally; single vehicle events with 3 mile stages, limited speeds, and relaxed rules. Cages would be Improved Touring instead of FIA. Onboard fire is not required, replaced by an extinguisher. Double Nomex and harnesses are still required. Rules are relaxed from Stage Rally.


Locally, primary focus will be Sprint, but would like to introduce more Rally Cross. Kito has been working with NW Rallysprint, but would like to partner with NWR SCCA for insurance and rule set, and to bring Rally Cross back to the NWR. Previous associations have been with Oregon Region running Rally Cross.


SCCA had previously approached DirtFish, but it did not work out (no details). Kito would like the NWR to be a mecca for Rally. There is a lot of interest from sponsors. All 6 future planned events will have a major sponsor. Considerable numbers have always show for events (500+). Kito is currently communicating with the company that does Data Aq for Baja, and would like to introduce RFID to identify cars. SCCA is needed for scrutineering, primary and annuals, and Rally Techs.


As Kito is a National Board Member for Rally, he would like to be a Representative to the NWR for Rally Sprint and Rally Cross.


John Taylor motions to position Kito Brielmaier as ARE for Rally, Gretchen Everett seconds, no opposition and the motion passes.


There is no current hard schedule for events for 2016, and venues are still being investigated. One venue of interest might be Bremertons dirt area. It is impportant that Rallys are held on private land, allowing complete control of the event.


Regarding the Convention: calls are made for anything going to the Convention.


Steve Schattenbild moves to adjourn, Sandy Taylor seconds, no opposition, motion passes.

The meeting is adjourned at 8:39 PM.


Good of the order