NWR Minutes

May 1, 2006, 1919hrs

Milton Tavern


Attendees: Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Ananda Siverts, Mark McCloskey, Frank Hamilton, Jerry Lamb, Lou Ann Christensen, Kevin Dietz, Kim Craddock, Miquel Cranor.


Announcements: Olympus Rally is coming up on May 18th-21st.


Action Items:

1)    Invite Joe to the next meeting to discuss website issues.

2)    Contact Michael Richert, JR. for being part of the board.

Minutes: Approved as amendment (Jerry, Tom)


Treasurer: Newsletter is all paid for. We need to owe Kurt $500 for the next newsletter. Approved (Tom, Mark)



Second event took place with 180 entrants at Packwood. Solo is doing very well with attendance. Packwood ProSolo events and Evolution Schools coming up in August. Solo is working on an educational program for kids in conjunction with the Evo Schools, and to teach teenagers how to avoid accidents. Novice School takes place on May 13th at Everett, which will include a classroom session on Friday evening and then driving on Saturday.



Oregon Trail Rally took place on April 18th -19th. Rally America wants to include PRG on their schedule next year and willing to help us with WRC certification. Olympus Rally will begin at the Capital Building and the Governor will be in attendance. The motorcycle groups backed up from participating at Olympus because of medical coverage concerns.


Rallycross series coming up in the Fall. Some of it may end up on pavement. All City Rally attracted 74 entrants and netted $1000 for a scholarship fund.



Had first event on April 29th – 30th at BMP. Race should come very close to breaking even and may actually post a profit. 14 entries collected for Double Nationals.


Time Trials:

Mark has nothing to report.



NWR website is finally fixed. Problems were caused by the servers being upgraded for better security functions. Joe was not happy with the service.




New membership flyers and postcards are being sent to potential members. Miquel has started on the First Gear operations manual.


Membership meeting is tentatively slated for June. Miquel asked that board members start thinking of ways to attract new members. Miquel is thinking about making t-shirts designed to provide information about SCCA membership. Promotional items are getting really low. Miquel has solicited a number of young drivers who are interested in getting involved with Rallycross and is going to organize a membership drive.


Bremerton Motor Park User’s Group:

Group has submitted a request to patch a large hole in the track.


Old Business:

Quarterly meeting was not attended at the Race event in April.


New Business:

National convention will take place in San Antonio next year.


Norpac Convention


Group Reports:

We can produce NWR and PRG shirts for $7 a piece


PRG organization is still coming together and still working on membership issues. A website will be set up shortly. Not a lot of people are interested in Rally.


Adjourn (Kim, Tom) 2009 hrs.