Milton Tavern

February 6th, 2006 1921hrs

NWR Board Meeting


Attendees: Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Mark McCloskey, Kelly McCloskey, Dick Willy, Lou Ann Christenson, Jerry Lamb, Ananda Siverts, Frank Hamilton, Miquel Craddock, Kim Craddock.


Action Items:

1)    Contact National regarding Region membership numbers.

2)    Contact Embassy Suites for Region Banquet.

3)    Board members need to be familiar with other Venue events.


Minutes: Approved as Amended (Tom, Dick).


Treasurerís Report: We have not received January dues, but received an outstanding bill from National for $600. Kim does not know what the bill is for and is trying to find out what venue this is for, though, she knows that it is not for Rally. We have paid Kurt Badorf his wages and the newsletter bill will be paid for once the funds are available. Award invoices have come in, which is not an item in the budget, and the Board needs to rethink budget items in the future. Kim suggested that the Board need to find ways of raising more money.We broke even for the Region budget last year. Approved (Tom, Miquel).


Membership: The Region membership numbers may be wrong from National, which may be a result of database problems. We have not been paid correctly for membership and National may owe the Region more money. Jerry says we can query membership numbers from National website.


We have about 1100 members. Membership numbers are not going down anymore because all the Rally members have left. Miquel will be sending out shield decals to members soon. Miquel is looking for more promotional ideas. Sherri offered some suggestions to make membership renewal easier.


Solo: Solo got the stolen trailer back. They found it abandoned and was filled with construction debris. The cones, flags, and sandwich boards were left in the trailer. But they still need to replace some other equipment. is donating replacement helmets and a generator to Solo. Solo is going to place Cardomainís logo on the helmets.


Solo had an awards banquet. First event is April 2nd at BMP.


Rally: A Rallycross Series is in place. We are teaming up with the Oregon Rallycross Series for a Championship Series. Rally Productions has been set up as a for-profit organization. To receive a share in the new new company, shareholder must have a PRG or a NWR membership, and must have volunteered at a Rally.A dividend will be paid out to shareholders once 2.2 million dollars is generated.A member can lose their share if they lose their membership in any way.


Doo Wops Rally will take place on February 25-26th in the Montesano area. Ray Damitio has agreed to donate $300 to the PRG Worker Fund. We had 128 people at the Rally party.


Kim and Mark Tabor are working together to heavily promote Rally in the NW.


NWR Outdoor Coalition is being dissolved, but there are factions in the Legislature who are trying to close down some State facilities.Frank warned that this faction is extreme in their viewpoints and are working towards keeping all outdoor activities from using Federal forests.


Race: Race placed a down payment for their first event and Double Nationals. March 18th is the Race Motorsports Seminar and they would like to have a Solo and Rally representative there.A couple tech days are coming up. Tom is working on getting sponsors and getting volunteers to help secure funding for race equipment. They are still working on their supps and working with Oregon Race on a Spec Miata Series.


We are hoping to have Bill Deoneseus helping Race SCCA with promotional activities.


Time Trials: Mark McCloskey received honorable mentioned at National Convention.


Time Trials Rules are posted on the National website. Supps meeting was last Saturday. Time Trials National Championship will be in Reno and will be a combination Club/Track Trial event.


Mark received some negative feedback from some drivers. However, Mark is helping these drivers adjust to the program changes.


March 5th event is coming up. We lost some drivers to the NASA program. Mark cannot afford to run an April 1st date; Solo will pick up the date for a novice school and include a First Gear program. Frank suggested adding First Gear as its own separate venue. Mark says Time Trials is allowing rides in cars to help promote interest.


Newsletter: Kurt requested articles for January 31st. Sherri wants to have printing dates set for the future, and have a form in the newsletter to opt out from receiving the newsletter. Kim has a list of PRG members


Website: Sherri has been updating the NWR Doo Wop webpage and will have a worker registration link.PRG has a new website and needs to be updated and is a week away from launching the site.


BMP: NASCAR track is in limbo. ISC is lobbying Legislators in-between legislative sessions. Jerry added a warning that ISC is buying tracks and shutting them down to force State government to pay for their tracks. This affected the Colorado Time Trial Venue due to ISC tactics.


The concessionaire has been replaced; the tent is gone and will eventually be replaced by a building of some sort



Region Banquet: We need to look into other locations for next yearís event. Kelly suggested Embassy Suites.


New Business: Sherri brought old SCCA brochures and asked that Board members be familiar with other Venue event activities.Sherri is looking for volunteers to help out at the Corvette Show this weekend.


Frank was amazed how little other Regions do compared to NWR after attending the National Conference. Frank thought it was a good National Conference.Jerry says we do not have to witness minors signing a SCCA waiver.The waiver can be sent home to the parents. Our signature is only to record us receiving the document. Minors donít sign, parents do...(This does not include Annual Minor Waivers)




Adjourn at 2131 hrs (Kim, Mark)