Milton Tavern

December 5th, 2005 1916 hrs

NWR Board Meeting


Frank Hamilton, Sherri Masterson, Tom Masterson, Kelly McCloskey, Mark McCloskey, Dick Willy, Kim Craddock, Lou Ann Christiansen, Jerry Lamb, Ananda Siverts, Guest: Jason Weber.


Action Items:

1) Mark will email abandoned air field web link to Dick Willy.

2) Send award list to Joan Manley and delete it from the Minutes.


Minutes approved as amended (Dick, Mark).


Treasurers Report:

Our membership is down so our bank account will be tight. Newsletter will be the largest bill. We need to get a little creative to cover our education obligations.



Articles were due November 14th. This will be our first newsletter under the new agreement. Joan will need an extra newsletter as our Historian. Ananda needs to keep a list of non-members who need to receive a newsletter.



Membership is still declining. We need to start doing some drives and losing our affiliation of our events with our NWR group. Our Rally group is becoming more and more fragmented, and our Race venue is in danger of following the same path.



Prices are not going up next year. Date selection event took place. Dick helped put together a spreadsheet of our BMP dates. Sherri provided details of how NWR was able to get dates at BMP. NWR is very unhappy with BMP. Solo was able to get their dates at BMP.



Race had their banquet event and finished their supps for the most part. Still looking for a R.E.



Had rules meeting with a record turnout of 30 attendees. They still are working on one more rule proposal.


Time Trials:

Gave out Championship Awards at the Race party. Mark thanks Solo for their financial contribution to Time Trials. Mark has submitted their End-Of-Year Report to Ananda and gave an overview of his report to the Board. Mark is looking into Anderson Field as a probable site location and has scheduled a meeting with the site owner. Mark asked for the link to be forwarded to him.



John Forespring and John Nispel are still in Reno. PRG has elected Steve McQuaid as their Chair and will join SCCA to be apart of the NWR Board. Steve and Bill Stanley will co-chair the Olympus Rally event. ORV Park is back open for business again, Steve and John attended the users meeting last month.


Old Business:


NORPAC - Sherri has a draft advertisement for the Reno program. Registration is down for this year, deadline will be extended. Sherri is looking for people to staff a Reno committee for next year. It would be ideal to have one member from each venue to be on the committee. Jason mentioned that there is not enough content for E-Crew members to participate at NORPAC.


Olympus Rally will likely be listed as a FIA event via NASA. PRG logo is done.


New Business:

Jason gave an overview of his background, an overview of his motorsport training program, and his expectations of his training class attendees. Jason attended an emergency conference pertaining to motorsports totaling $1000. Race helped supplement his traveling cost to get to this class.

- The Board discussed the ability of NWRís to supplement Jasonís traveling cost. Frank†††† wants to table the newsletter discussion for next meeting.

††††††††††† - Tom suggested charging other venues for Jasonís training class.



Banquet will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Renton on January 21st. Dinner at 6pm. Ananda is finalizing the per person cost to forward to the Board.


Stan Burnett Award: †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dan Carchano

Joe Henderson Award: ††††††††††††††††† Bud Bohrer

Frank Manley Enthusiast Award: ††††††††††† Julie Anderson (She just got Bernie Doud Award)

Mary Pang Unsung Hero Award:Kelly McCloskey


Good of the Order:

Jerry says Solo would like to see the newsletter be discontinued. Board discussed options allowing members to opt out of receiving the newsletter.


Jason spoke with Race to have E-Crew members be EMS licensed to keep our own ambulance instead of hiring one. Kim says our liability insurance may not be able to support this request.


Tabled for next meeting: Tom will be Assistant RE for Race and Sherri will be Member-At-Large.



Adjorn (Kelly, Tom) 2047 hrs.