NWR Board Minutes

November, 7th 2005

Milton Tavern


John Forespring, John Nispel, Jerry Lamb, Dick Willy, Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Miquel Craddock, Kim Craddock, Frank Hamilton, Dick Willy, Ananda Siverts


Action Items:

1)    Give Dick Willy minor participation rules.

2)   Place Ad with Reno Convention program.


October Minutes approved (Jerry, Kim).


Kim presented Treasurer and Budget Reports. 2005 membership has fallen significantly.



Held supps meeting. Double Nationals will not be held at Pacific Raceway on Memorial Day. Dan is still looking for his replacement. 


Time Trials:

Kim read Mark’s Tim Trials report. Kim would like National to pay for Mark’s trip. 2006 budget is done. Mark would like to share race weekends with other venues to save on overhead costs.



Last event at BMP had a fairly low turnout. Solo voted to donate $2,000 to Time Trials. Rules meeting is on November 8th and Conehead Banquet is on January 26th.



Deadline is December 14th. Rally:



Adopted PRG charter and will hold elections November 10th. John F. received some phone calls regarding possible rallycross sites to host events. 



Advisory committee has not met since spring and no date selection deadline has been set.



Region has approximately 1200 members. Miquel will be gathering Membership Committee members together in a couple weeks. PRG members will count as NWR members but will be reported separately from National numbers. 



The following have been nominated –

Assistant RE: Frank Hamilton

Secretary: Ananda Siverts

Treasurer: Kim Craddock

Member at Large: Kevin Dietz

Member at Large: Dick Willy


MOTION: (Passed) Nomination session be closed (Jerry, Dick).


New Business:

The board would like the Region Banquet to be on January 21st.


Dick passed out forms for the new Speakers Bureau and provided information about a Dealers Association promoting driver’s education. It could be a good way to present SCCA information at auto classes. Dick would like to know the rules regarding minor participation for each venue.


The ORV park will have a meeting on November 8th for users and to establish officers for a users committee. Grays Harbor County now controls the ORV Park.


Reno Convention wants a Solo II Divisional meeting and is currently putting together Divisional awards. Venues need to donate some auction items to Reno. Region will place a $150 ad in the Reno program.


Adjourn  2226 hrs.