NWR Board Minutes

October 3rd, 2005, 1930 hrs

Milton Tavern


John Forespring, Jerry Lamb, Dick Willy, Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Miquel Craddock, Kim Craddock, Frank Hamilton, Kelly McCloskey, Mark McCloskey, Ananda Siverts


Action Items:

1)    Assistant REs need to get some speakers for the new speakers bureau.

2)   Letter to Kitsap Sun Editor by Ananda.

3)   Miquel needs Venue representation on her membership committee.

4)   Provide Miquel with a biography.

5)   Kim/John checking offices for SCCA banners.


September Minutes approved as amended (Tom, Frank).


Treasurer Report was presented at Board Retreat and approved (Frank, Jerry). Projected 2006 Profit and Loss budget given to Board.



Supps meeting on October 23r at Mad Pizza in Tukwila. Race party scheduled for November 19th at Bison Creek Pizza. Race is working on 2006 race schedule and looking for several replacements for Assistant RE and a few chief positions.


Time Trials:

MOTION: NWR will give Mark up to $600 to compensate for his trip to National Time Trials event (Kim, Dick) PASSED. Colorado Region offered an exclusive ride for Mark to participate in event.



Last event of the season on October 16th at BMP. 50 participants at Topeka National Solo event from the Northwest and 4 winners.



2006 schedule is done. Rally is working on a Rallycross schedule. Olympus Rally is back on schedule and John is working with Rally America to put Wild West on their schedule.



Board would like to add a Classifieds section and a page about the new Speakers Bureau on website. Assistant REs need to get volunteers for speakers list. A $115 bill is due to Joe by January 2006.



BMP is not ready to start negotiating on available dates for 2006.


Sherri says users of BMP want to meet with ISC and talk about their plans. It would be a good idea for ISC to see the NW organized. ISC is submitting a financial package to the State Legislature in 2 weeks. Kim would like to see this report. ISC will be adding a road course with a 1.2 mile oval and a 2 mile road course. ISC will be hosting a support rally at McCormick Woods.


It was noted that NWR will support ISC in any way possible and that all racers should unite and show their support. MOTION: Ananda will write a letter to the Kitsap Sun Editor showing NWR support (Jerry, Frank) PASSED.



Miquel is completing a membership letter regarding newsletter changes and reaffirming NWR’s purpose and message. Miquel is also organizing a membership committee and would like a representative from each Venue. She would like to see a school program promoting driving safety and a speakers budget. Please provide her a calendar requesting her attendance at any Venue events.


Miquel is also creating a biography of each Board member for the newsletter and she would like to see more race events in SW Washington. Park proposed hosting a First Gear autocross in SW Washington.



Old Business:

Get newsletter out on October 20th for Board nominations. If 2 or more are nominated for a position a ballet will be created.


MOTION: Add Board Retreat Minutes to October Board Minutes (Dick, Frank) PASSED.


Race lost a race banner at SOVREN event this year and needs to be replaced.


Region evaluation reports need to be sent to Ananda by December Board meeting.


John thanks everyone for attending the Board Retreat.


Adjourn (Mark, Jerry) 2051 hrs.
NWR Board Retreat

October 1, 2005

Salish Lodge


Lou Ann Christenson, Frank Hamilton, Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Kim Craddock, Jerry Lamb, Dan Carchano, Kelly McCloskey, Mark McCloskey, Dick Willy, John Nispel, John Forspring, Ananda Siverts


Action Items:

1)    Provide Kim with monthly venue financial reports.

2)   Ananda will write an article about how families can use SCCA, NWR’s non-profit mission, and bios on NWR’s youth talent.

3)   Minor waiver needs a place for a notary signature.

4)   Website needs a First Gear link and a webpage explaining how to get kids started in race.

5)   Venue year-end reports due by January 31st, 2006 and returned to Kim.

6)   List of race positions to fill for track clean up, registration, and Race and Rally RE nominations.

*  Sherri will get more registration workers.

7)   End-of-Year reports due to Ananda by December Board meeting

8)   Get NWR operating procedures on website.

9)   Submit Board nomination notice in newsletter, and submitted to Kurt by October 20th.

10) Get a booth at the Port Orchard Cruise.

11)  Need to setup a merchandise, classifieds, and comment page on website.



Need Region and Venue treasurer reports soon. Kim requested that each venue provide monthly reports. We need to treat all venues as one region.


Informing the public regarding safe driving and motorsports is the reason why NWR is able maintain non-for-profit status. However, we are promoting the wrong things right now and need to start proving to the IRS that we are doing what is necessary to keep our status. We need to get kids involved in our club and donate more scholarship money. Kim explained how much we could hold as revenue profit without losing non-for-profit status.


Kim may have secured a grant for NWR and proposed purchasing go-karts for a youth program. This will help us get families more involved and promote driving education.


Kim is going to have an associate audit her records for $2,100. End of year reports must be turned into Kim by January 31st, 2006. Kim will start matching actuals with the budget on January 1st and will present a February 6th consolidated tax review at the Board meeting.


Dick would like to see venues produce a budget forecast because we have a financial responsibility. Kim proposed a quarterly balance sheet.


Kim provided a projected 2006 Profit and Loss overview.

NWR is going to try allocating $3,000 to Time Trials in January. Race will provide $1,000 and Rally will try to provide some funds after they know the full impact of Wild West Rally costs.


Board Development:

Dick is heading a committee to create a speaker’s bureau that will engage other organizations and the public regarding NWR.


2004 Board Operating Procedures need to be posted on website and sent to current Board members. Dick wants members to be aware of how Board functions. Discussed possible nwr-scca.org email distribution list.


Tom Masterson will be the new Worker Coordinator Chairperson and is working with Gloria Hale on a new database.


Board nomination notices needs to be submitted to Kurt by October 20th and nomination process will take place at November Board meeting. Nomination Committee members are John Nispel, Kelly, Ananda, Kim, Dick, Sherri and Mark.



Members can opt out of receiving a printed newsletter with our new printer contract. Sherri will place newsletter on the website. Kurt is revising advertising rates. Kim drafted a membership letter regarding newsletter changes and Jerry will review the letter.


Kim would like to find an Assistant Treasurer, which will be appointed by the Board.


Venue Reports:

Dan gave a letter of resignation to the Board and will attempt to find a replacement for his position. Board discussed ways of keeping drivers from leaving immediately after racing, get more help from them, and get them involved on Race committees.


John asked Board members to show up at Race Supps meeting in October and get a list of race positions completed. Sherri will get more registration workers.


John Nispel is leaving his position on the Board representing Rally.


Solo is also losing some people in chief positions. Jerry explained their positions and what they need to do to fill them.


Solo had too many 2-day weekends scheduled too close together at Packwood, which resulted in lower attendance. They will space out the dates for the 2006 calendar. Solo is exploring a possible novice school at Everett and likely to have a Pro Solo at Packwood.


Spokane Raceway is changing ownership and wants to pursue a SCCA sanction.


Time Trails thanks Race and Solo for their financial support. Time Trials would like to do 5 events in 2006 and would like to share weekends with other car clubs.


Mark was asked to attend the 1st National Time Trials Event.


Mark did receive some help from drivers with track clean up and is going to put together a clean-up committee. Maybe institute a “you run, you work” policy. Mark expressed some concerns with staffing corner workers with inadequate skills.


Another car club, who experienced a frightening car crash, contacted Mark about his safety policies. They requested to use our equipment and the Board agreed as long as they replace any used equipment and provided volunteers at NWR events.


Time Trials needs to find another awards sponsor.


Rallyists still perceive PRG’s affiliation with NWR as being associated with SCCA. Some organizers are trying to create another Rally committee for the Doo Wops and Olympus Rally. PRG would like to change this perception.


David Sutton’s American Experience will be coming to the Northwest and would like PRG’s help.


PRG is still locating Rallycross sites. PRG bylaws are done, expect for one typo, and will be ready to be signed.


ORV Park is open and a work clean-up crew is scheduled for October 16th. Two exhibition events will be held this year to satisfy contracts.


Frank went through 2006 calendar for NWR and Venue meetings.


End-of-Year reports will be due to Ananda by December Board meeting.



Dan has a marketing outline that was sent out a year ago to Board members. Ananda will review the document and will create a Marketing plan.


We need to create a weekly email that will be sent out to everyone regarding NWR events and notices. Board provided names for a possible Marketing Committee.


We need to get a merchandise link on the website and setup a classifieds and comment page.


NWR needs to start working on securing a booth at the Port Orchard Cruise.