NWR Board Minutes

September 12, 2005

Milton Tavern


Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Mark McCloskey, Kelly McCloskey, Julie Anderson, Dan Carchano, Lou Ann Christianson, Ananda Siverts, Scott Miller, Frank Hamilton, John Nispel, Kim Craddock      Guests: Jeff White, Kurt Badorf.


Action Items:

1) Each venue come up with a retreat topic.

2) Ask drivers to submit newsletter articles.

3) Write membership a letter of newsletter changes.

4) Restructure Ad Rates.

5) Start classifieds online.

6) Ask venues for board nominations.

7) Kim will write a letter to members of recent changes.


Minutes: Approved as amended (Kim C., Tom M.)



Wild West Rally took place on Sept 11-12th but was not FIA listed. Event went well. Stage Captains had to deal with bow hunters getting on stage. Attendees was lower than expected but still broke even.



Race helped out at Wild West Rally. Stock Car event took place August 20th and supps meeting is scheduled to take place in October. Race may not have an April event next year because of poor attendance, unless a major sponsor steps up.


Time Trails:

August 13th event was great and had 29 entries! Mark needs more help with track setup. Time Trails paid back all the money borrowed from the other venues. Mark would like to stick with 1 day events next year or share weekends with other car clubs.



Event coming up on September 23-24th at Packwood.



We need to figure out who really is authorized to purchase things on behalf of the club. Membership is dropping below the break even point and Kim is expecting a smaller check from National. PRG is still charging $20 fee for newsletter. Kim still has 6000 newsletters to be picked up at her home.

At this rate we will not have any money to start any new projects next year. Solo has not paid excise tax on some equipment and the bus. Treasurer's report accepted (Dan C., Tom M.).



No hotel price as of yet. We are going to use the Balcony room starting at 9am. Give Frank, John F., or Ananda any agenda items for the retreat.



August issue was completed but not printed because of high costs. Kurt is not getting enough articles and has to pull news from National. Tom says some drivers are willing to submit articles and the track should be writing articles as well.

Kim really wants to see more substance in the newsletter. Kurt says we need to reorganize the ad rates by going to a semi-monthly newsletter. Jeff White gave a Fine Arts Litho printing proposal to the board.

Motion: Go to a bi-monthly newsletter, alert the membership of the change, try Jeff White as the new printer for one year, keep Kurt as Editor, and restructure ad rates (Kim, Scott) PASSED.  Kim would like to see Jeff and Kurt on a quarterly basis at the Board meetings.



Sherri is now in control of the nwr-scca.org rally website. Jim Culp maintains the wildwestrally.com website. Sherri would like to see classified ads and newsletter online.



Quarterly membership meeting was held at the Wild West Rally.



ISC is rumored to be planning a road course at the new NASCAR track.


Old Business:

ORV Park is going to be taken over by Grays Harbor County for a one year trail basis. But Grays is receiving a lot of negative emails opposing the re-opening. We need to get a support campaign of emails to the decision-makers. Frank will send out an email outlining points of discussion. We might be able to run an exhibition event before the end of the year.


PRG status:

PRG will be ready with by-laws soon.


New business:

Nominations for Secretary is open. Ananda was denominated. Tom wants venues to advertise nominations. Venues are to select new Assistant RE's and are approved by the board in January. Motion: Move nominations for two Board Members at Large, Secretary, to October (Kim, Dan) Passed. Motion: Nominate Ananda Siverts for Secretary (Kim, Tom) Passed.

Kim will send out letter to members of changes.


Good of the order:

Sherri outlined Reno Convention format and agenda topics. Please visit www.norpac.scca.org.


Adjourn 2129 hours (Dan, Tom)