May 2nd, 2005

NWR SCCA Board Minutes

Milton Tavern


Ananda Siverts, John Forespring, John Nispel, Mark McCloskey, Kelly McCloskey, Sherri Masterson, Tom Masterson, Kim Craddock, Miquel Craddock, Lou Ann Christianson, Julie Anderson, Dan Carchano, Dick Willy, Jerry Lamb, Guest:  Val Korry


Minutes approved with corrections (Tom M, Dan C.)


Kim presented profit and loss report for 2004 and a 2005 budget. Race is still trying to get more driver participation to their events.

MOTION: (Passed) Approve the year-end report and 1st quarter budget report (Dick W, Dan C.)


Solo II

Has first championship event in Yakima with approximately 140 participants. Next event takes place at Packwood with a practice and championship event.

Jerry got a signed agreement for a National Event and a Evolution School will be coming shortly. Solo is giving Time Trials their July 23-24 dates at BMP.



NWR helped OR Region’s Oregon Trail Rally. They tried running a Superspecial at Portland International Raceway but could not get all the cars through the stage.

Saturday had 66 cars start and only 44 finish. John Forespring is going to California to talk with Subaru. PRG had a meeting to vote for the next sanctioning group, 31 attended and NASA was selected over Rally America.



Race had a Double Regional and did not make enough money to break even due to lack of drivers. They canceled Group 5 but had a larger than expected Group 2. The Miata group had 6 participants.

John F. asked Dan to write an article about the health of the race venue. The Board discussed more ideas to help race co-sanction events with OR Region.


Time Trails

Mark was not happy with the attendance level for the PDE at BMP. Mark is going to try promoting the Club Trails event on July 23rd and 24th by contacting local car clubs. He needs 50 attendees to break even. Participants will need a SCCA membership and can purchase a temporary membership if needed.



MOTION: (Passed) Solo gives Time Trails their July 23 – 24 BMP dates. (Tom M., Mark M.)


Membership: We have 1300 members.



Accessory Expo

Please email Sherri if you would like to volunteer at the Expo. We will be setting up the SCCA booth on Friday from 8 – 10pm.


New Business

John F. proposed having NWR donate rally equipment to PRG in exchange of forgoing any debt NWR owes John Forespring. Subject tabled until Kim can submit a bylaw change.


Kim proposed a possible rallycross site and John N. will take a look at it. Jerry proposed a site near Southcenter.


ADJORN 2110 hrs (Dan C. Jerry L)