January 3rd, 2005  1936 hrs.


Frank Hamilton, Kim Craddock, Miquel Craddock, John Nispel, Ananda Siverts, Tom Masterson, Sherri Masterson, Dick Willy, Julie Anderson, Dan Carchano, Jerry Lamb, Mark McCloskey, Kelly McCkoskey, Guest: Tom Masterson, Sr.


Minutes approved with corrections (Dan C., Tom M.)


Treasurer report approved (Tom M., Miquel C.)

National Office submited fines to NWR and withheld membership checks because of a Solo problem. Kim wants a list of equipment, NWR supplies, banners, and forms from each venue. In addition, Kim needs a compilation of venue bucks. Exact records need to be kep for venue bucks ortherwise Kim will issue 1099s. Charitable donations have to be approved by the board. Evidently, NWR donated to some organizations that were not registered as a charity by the IRS.



Rally committee discussed choosing a sanctioning body for their events and John Forespring is reviewing insurance packages. It was noted that Coeffecient 2 rates have gone up. This is going to be John Nispels last year as Rally Executive Assistant. Sub-corporation paperwork has been submitted and needs board approval. Oregon Trail is using Rally America and John Nagles funeral is set for January 15th.



Supps done and have been submitted to National. Time schedules have been turned in for April 2-3rd, with a High Performance Clinic, drivers school and Regional on Sunday. Race Seminar scheduled for February 19th. Race retreat discussed public relations. National is still debating on the new drivers school guidelines.



Solo had 45 people present to finish the supps. Packwood has been confirmed and will have a National Tour. We cannot give up BMP track days so we do not lose that date in the future.


Solo I:

Supps are in the hands of Divisional Stewart. Solo Trails are moving forward and will have event t-shirts made.



Kim received a bid from Little Nickel.



BMP is holding a discussion for a new motorsports park on January 20th.



1383 members.



MOTION (passed): Elect John Nispel, Dan Carchano, and Jerry Lamb as Assistant Res for their venues. (Dick W., Tom M.)

MOTION (passed): Approve by-laws as amended replacing Kevin Deitz with Scott Miller, delete Jr. from Tom Masterson’s name, and add Mark McCloskey as Solo 1 assistant RE. (Dick W., Frank H..)

MOTION (passed): Elect Mark McCloskey as Solo 1 assistant RE. (Dan C., Dick W.)


Region Banquet:

Winners selected for the Regional Awards.

Mary Pang Award – Sherri Masterson

Frank and Joan Manley Award – Ananda Siverts

Stan Burnett Award – Val Korry

Joe Henderson Award – Karen Babb retains award


Adjorn 2121 hrs (Dan C., Frank H.)