Meeting commenced at 1913 hrs November 1st, 2004


Julie Anderson, Dan Carchano, Lou Ann Christenson, Karl Coleman, Kim Craddock, John Forespring, Frank Hamilton, John Nispel, Ananda Siverts, Dick Willy, Guest: Amy Olson and Jerry Lamb



Approved with correction (Frank H., Dick W.)


Treasurerís Report:

We are in the black, waiting for some end of year bills to arrive.



Race came very close to projected 2004 budget goals. Pacific Raceway started an advisory committee consisting of all the local clubs that use the facility. Dan Carchano will be our representative on the committee. Dan has been in contact with the San Francisco Region with scheduling race dates. Race will have 3 events for 2005. Race will have hold their supps meeting on November 15th at Andyís Diner.



SCCA National will no longer sanction performance Rally; however, Rallycross and Rallysprints will be sanctioned. Rally America will likely be the new sanctioning body and is actively working with the Rally organizers to schedule the Wild West on their schedule and secure insurance.

Oregon Region held the Mt. Hood Rally on October 24th with 33 entries.



Solo season is over and held their last two events on October 10th and 24th with over 160 entries each. Rules meeting scheduled for November 2nd and any complicated rules will be reviewed at the December meetings.



1414 members, Miquel sent out 22 responses to inquiries and have not received much response back.



BMP is raising rates to $750 per day and commercial rates will increase to $1500. Date requests are due by November 15th. Evolution will not hold their schools there next year. Solo will be formulating a strategy to deal with BMP.


New Business:

Board agreed to keep region and family membership dues the same.


John Forespring is trying to secure a deal with the Corvette Club to help distribute newsletters in exchange for ad space.


Board discussed Region Banquet locations and when to hold the annual event.


Rally will continue to operate as a sub-chapter of NWR and will create a non-profit subsidiary. Kim Craddock already has the paperwork ready to go. Rally will charge $20 for NWR membership and will create a summary for Board review once Rally America submits their insurance package.


Old Business:

Dick Willy will return as Board Member at Large for 2005. Tom Masterson, Jr. will be nominated by Race as Board Member at Large.

Board will hold their annual retreat at Salish Lodge on November 6th.



Adjourn at 2121 hrs (Dick W., Frank H.)