Meeting commenced at 1926 hrs October 4, 2004


Julie Anderson, Dan Carchano, Lou Ann Christenson, Kim Craddock, Kevin Dietz, John Forespring, Frank Hamilton, John Nispel, Ananda Siverts, Dick Willy


Minutes for September approved (Dan C., Frank H.)


Treasurerís Report:

Region will keep unused credit card machine active for website merchandise purchases once the new website is in place.

††††††††††† Newsletter postage to foreign members is getting too expensive.

MOTION: (Passed) Kim will write a letter to foreign members that the next newsletter will be there last and they can get their newsletters online. Foreign members can still receive mailed newsletters for a subscription price based on their location. (John N., Dan C.)



Race has paid all their bills and working on getting enough money for 3 events next year (SOVREN, stock car race, and Double Nationals). Supps meeting scheduled for November 15th. Solo 1 will remain with Solo venue.



Wild West had 30 entries and was a good event. A rebate is owed to the competitors for reaching 30 entries. John F. had a meeting with Rally sponsors, Subaru has joined the organizing committee.



NWR had 5 national champions at Nationals. Solo had 1st event at Packwood. 2 more events scheduled for October 10th and 24th.


Ananda gave a report on website status. Board offered website format suggestions.



Date selection coming up, Race wants to keep their current dates. John asked we give BMP plenty of time if we need to cancel.



1414 members. We are getting more family memberships and Miquel sent out 57 introduction letters.


Race Status:

Dan and John F. have both received responses to Johnís article in the newsletter. Race will put on at least 3 events in 2005 and counting on good attendance from racers.


John F. will run for R.E. again. Once Frank retires then he will assume the role of R.E. Kevin and Dickís positions will be up this year. Race wants to nominate a Member-at-Large. Jerry Lamb will replace Karl C for 2005. Mark McKiesky (spelling?) will be added as a Solo 1 rep.


Annual Retreat:

The retreat will occur at the Salish Lodge during the first weekend of November.


New Business:

Annual reports need to be submitted to Ananda by November 15th. The reports will include venue activities and accomplishments.


Nick Craw became the head of ACCUS.


Kim is working with the SCCA HQ to hold SCCA University classes in the NW.


Norpac Convention in Reno will be held during the second weekend of January 2005.


Frank gave an ORV Park report and political support.


MOTION (Passed): Region will give $100 to the Norpac committee for an advertisement in their program.


Discussion regarding NASCARís ĺ mile facility in Marysville. This will not be a multi-use track. Dan encouraged the Board to contact their Senators to pressure NASCAR into building a multi-use track.


Adjourn 2134 hrs. (Dan C., Frank H.)