Dan Carchano, Kim Craddock, Kevin Dietz, John Forespring, Frank Hamilton, John Nispel, Ananda Siverts, Dick Willy


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking and savings read, member and advertisement payments received for the month of April, Kurt Badorf is receiving a check from advertisement sales.


Venue Reports

Race- Second Bremerton race was a success. Double Nationals is next. Scrutineers resigned and someone from San Francisco Region will come up for Double Nationals to take their place. Dan is working on getting someone trained.

            Old pace car could be raffled off. But a liability form must be completed before any ownership changes.


Solo- Practice event at the Port of Seattle on Easter weekend. Pro Solo takes place on May 10th and 11th. Dick Willy has not heard from the Shelton airport for Solo and is going to find out if SCCA can use it. Packwood site did not pan out.


Rally- Reno was a success with 19 starters and 8 finishers on the first day, and 10 starters and 8 finishers on the second day. Rally is planning for the Dryad/Shitepoke Rally on June 7th and 8th. Litter pick-up was last Sunday along with All-City Rally.


NWR Newsletter:

Brand new newsletters are going in the mail very soon. Board members found a few corrections to be fixed by the next newsletter and will be communicated to the Editor. Board members would like each Venue to send the Editor new list of contacts for the next edition. It was pointed out that the current format is the cheapest, no changes necessary.

            John Forespring asked each member to supply a list of contacts to refresh the free newsletter distribution list. Please email the information to Ananda Siverts at Afterwards, we will supply the list to the Chronicle.

            Passed Motion: Chronicle should use the current mailing list until a new one is supplied with current addresses. (Dan C., Kim C.)



John sent an email to Karl to get together with Lou Ann. He would like all receipts for negotiations for a better deal for the school. John would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.



We are at 1552 registered members.




Activities of Board Members at Large:

Frank has not received any suggestions for his letter to send to new members from last meeting. Frank will resend to board members for critique.


WRC status:

John Forespring was in Las Vegas for a meeting with the RSNA and other officials. FIA will be providing an international observer and two stewards will be supplied from Mexico and Canada for a prototype event next year. Two major sponsors have committed if Rally group succeeds in:

*  securing roads

*  cooperation from the City of Seattle

John has a tentative okay from DNR and is working on Snoqualmie.



Gig Harbor Inn sent a letter John to host the Board’s retreat. Ananda is going to look into it and report back. By next meeting, Board members should come back with all available Saturdays for June and July to coordinate our retreat.


New Business:

Request to link: Board members are going to check out to see if we want to link our site with theirs. Requests for other sites to link up to are welcome.


Adjourn at 2052 (Frank H., Kim C.)


Respectfully submitted,


Ananda Siverts