Dan Carchano, LouAnn Christensen, Karl Coleman, Kim Craddock, Kevin Dietz, Wendy Fee, Frank Hamilton, Linda Miklovic, Bob Rygg, Ananda Siverts, Dick Willy.


Minutes from March 2003: Approved as corrected. (Kim C., Dick W.)


Treasurer’s Report:

Kim Craddock emailed reports to Board Members.

Report read to include P&L, Balance Sheet. Bills outstanding for 50th Anniversary Banquet and awards. Venues still need to sell 50th Anniversary merchandise to avoid a loss. One outstanding phone bill. Newsletter is being paid, everything else is struggling.

            Passed Motion: Remove the SCCA hotline from Race.

Passed Motion: Tie tack tags to be issued when a member reaches 20 years and receives another every 5 years afterwards. (Dick W., Dan C.)

Kim Craddock is pursuing a position out of state and is limiting her involvement, she can only afford five hours a month as Treasurer.

Passed Motion: Pay $1875 for an auditor Kim Craddock recommends. (Kim C., Dan C.)

Board is now taking recommendations for the Treasurer’s position. A “wanted” ad may be placed in the newsletter.


Venue Reports

Race- Race had their first event which included a ground school on Thursday, drivers school run by Proformance on Friday, wet racing on Saturday, and drier weather on Sunday. Dan would like some more help setting up the tracks before and after the event.


Solo- Solo held a novice school at Bremerton on March 8th with 140 attendees. The Yakima event had 142 attendees. The next Solo event will be held on Easter and hoping to use Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. Solo installed a new stereo in the Solo Bus.


Rally- Rally representatives were currently returning from the Reno Rally as the Board met.



Sherri sent an email to Joe notifying him that the website is acting funny. Some links are not working correctly.



Linda M asked if anyone on the board knew who owned the small trailer parked in the SCCA/NWR Race area.  Frank Hamilton would investigate. Dan C asked that the owner be notified to clean up area or abandon ownership of trailer & contents. 






NWR Outdoor Coalition:

There is a remote chance the ORV park could be opened for us. The Coalition is proposing becoming a non-profit organization to run the ORV Park. Frank is writing an article for the next newsletter.



Frank created a draft letter to be sent to WRX owners and would like some suggestions for improvement. Assistant R.E.’s to place follow-up phone calls to WRX owners. 46 new members, 165 renewals. Military membership will be extended and a “Thank You” article will be added the newsletter, thanking renewing members.


New Business:

Solo is participating in a high school car show in Kent. Karl Coleman is concerned with BMP making a decision before meeting with SCCA regarding Evolution School and race prices. Solo prepared a letter and BMP decided to maintain current rates without discussing them. This is an open issue to be discussed. 


Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Ananda Siverts