Dan Carchano, Karl Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen, Kim Craddock, John Forespring, Frank Hamilton, Linda Miklovic, John Nispel, Ananda Siverts, Dick Willy, Guest: Wendy Fee.


Minutes from February 2003: Approved as corrected. (Frank H., Dick W.)


Treasurer’s Report:

Report read to include checking and savings, bills outstanding from 50th Anniversary Banquet.


Venue Reports


Rally- Doo Wop 1 & 2:

Doo Wop 1 & 2 was held at the Hoquiam Sort Yard, a brand new venue, and provided some great facilities for future use with the possibility of having a night time stage.

            Doo Wop 3 & 4:

Doo Wop 3 was held at the Hoquiam Watershed and Quinault Reservation, Doo Wop 4 was held at the Montessano Watershed and Smith Creek.


Solo- 50th Anniversary logo has been added to an SCCA Solo 2 ad to appear in the WWSCC rule books. Solo bought a generator and computer printer (HP 1200), and a bus battery was donated by Interstate Batteries for the Solo Bus.

            One more co-chair has been filled by Karla Rounds at the last Board meeting. A trophy committee has been formed.


Race- Race Seminar had 21 attendees and good speakers. Bremerton Motorsports Park is requiring 45 day advance payments against industry standards. Dan Miklovic is donating the truck to Northwest Alternatives and getting a new truck with transferable graphics for Region use. Dan would just like gas reimbursements.



Kurt Batdorf is the new Editor and just completed his first newsletter. He would like those writing articles to get in the habit of submitting articles on a timely basis. The 10th of each month is the cut-off date. Handouts will be distributed at the Board meetings.



Website did not do well during the website competition. John asked Karl Coleman to get Webmasters together for improvements.


Bremerton Motorsports Park:

Future events will require a 45 day payment advance. Region should lobby the Park to make changes to this policy because it goes against industry standards.



Linda Miklovich passed out 3 ˝ inch disks containing National Information, Dual Membership, and recipients of free newsletters. Any requests for people to receive a free newsletter should submit a request to John Forespring.


2003 Reno Convention:

Kim Craddock is still working on bringing money in and paying bills. Motion for Esther Sicks membership fees and organizing committee recognition certificate expenses to be charged to Convention budget (Frank H./ Dan C.).


50th Anniversary Banquet:

155 people attended. Venues should purchase left over commemoratives (pins, champagne glasses, banners, etc.) for sale to their members. Assistant Regional Executives should write Steve Johnson thank you letters for going through painstaking means to make it to the Banquet. Discussion regarding moving the Banquet earlier in the year, Assistant R.E.s will have a decision made by April’s Board meeting.


WRC Status:

John is going to the Corona Rally in Mexico to view their rally and have meetings. John thinks the sponsor seeker can raise the necessary funds for a US WRC event, a report is pending.


New Business:

New legislation requiring race schools to pay fees discussed. The definition of “race” needs to be clarified as it applies to Race, Rally, and Solo venues, which could pose future problems if this is not done.


Board Assignments: Retention of Subaru Members and other new members was discussed.

   Board Members should make a “welcome” phone call to new members and open a dialogue of common interests. Hopefully we can steer them to the right venues. Motion to call Home Office and see if they have a scanner, if not, Region offers to buy one for them (Dan C./ Frank H.). Committee formed by Frank Hamilton and will present plan by April’s Board meeting.


Corvette and High Performance Car Show:

11,500 attendees, no summer show planned this year. Val Korry Does not want to head this booth next year, but would like to participate on securing show cars for the booth. Will this be a Marketing Committee duty?

            Discussions regarding possible exhibitions for SCCA attendance and membership recruiting.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:08 pm (Karl C./ John N.).



Respectfully submitted,


Ananda Siverts