Dick Willy, Bob Rygg, Kim Craddock, LouAnn Christensen, Linda Miklovic, John Forespring, Ananda Siverts, Karl Coleman, Kevin Dietz.


Minutes from December 2002: Approved as corrected. (Dick W., Bob R.)


Treasurer’s Report:

Report read to include P&L, Balance Sheet, Check Register. All regions made money in 2002 and the end of year report is almost completed. Report was approved as read.

(Dick W., Bob R.)


Venue Reports


Solo2- Banquet has been scheduled for February 1, 6:00 pm, at Maple Valley Golf Course in conjunction with WWSCC. Five out of eight event sites have been established so far. Packwood facility prices are being set for 2003.


Race- Contracts have been signed for May and Race is working on the Double National Schedule. Race has added a vintage grid to each race, which SOVREN is using as points.  NASCAR event for Race is in the planning stages.


Rally- Invitations have been mailed out for the Rally Workers Party located at Fort Lewis Golf Club. Ray Dimitio has a site picked out for the DooWap  rally event mid-February. Reno/San Fransisco/Oregon Regions are working on a rally race in Reno sometime in April.


Bremerton Motorsports Park:

Bremerton has a new website. So far, there has not been any complaints on the new prices and Solo was able to get their requested dates.



Membership is at a 1515 members, and 15 Dual Memberships. More teamwork is needed to get 2002 members to renew and to push Dual Memberships. Rally workers will have license numbers in 2003 from National office.


Reno Conventions:

At this point we have 126 attendees. Motion for Region to purchase plane fare, registration, and hotel costs for Division Convention expenses for Kim Craddock approved. (Dick W., Bob R.)


50th Anniversary Celebration:

Champagne glasses have been ordered with a special 50th Anniversary NWR-SCCA black print logo. The first 50 Commemorative pins are numbered. 25 hotel rooms have been reserved for $70 a night.   A special 50th anniversary newsletter edition will be published but Linda is having trouble getting content material. Assistant REs can provide some more info of 2002 championship winners and annual award winners. Plus some more historical articles would be nice.   Ad deadline is set for January 13th.


NW Region Editor:

2 applications were submitted for the editor position. Dawn Glasco was appointed on a 90 trail basis as Editor for $500 a month plus 25% commission on any ads. (Bob R., LouAnn C.)  Sherri is still looking for an Editor computer with the necessary programs.


National Convention:

John Forespring will be attending the National Convention, any information to pass on should be relayed to him. 


Corvette Show:

Every venue should provide volunteers to work this event. Please contact Val Korry for arrangements. Linda mentioned offering some raffle prizes such as a free ride-along or a novice drivers school.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:06 pm (Kim C., Kevin D.)


Respectfully submitted,


Ananda Siverts