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In Memory of Matt

November 2007

February 6, 2015


We have lost Matt dog today. We took him in to he vet because he was not keeping food down and they found that he had a large tumor in the stomach and two on the spleen.

Matt was a 9 year old working Guide Dog from Guide Dog for the Blind in Boring, Oregon. Matt was a very loyal Guide and a great dog with unique characteristics, He broke the mold when he was made. He loved people and plastic water bottles that made noise. He was still faithfully taking Tom safely to work each day even yesterday (Feb 5). We just had no clue that he was sick, just thought he had eaten something that Labs tend to do and had a blockage. In surgery the vet discovered that the tumors. . It was very surprising that he didn't show any more signs other than restlessness. This will take awhile to get over. Hug your furry friends for us today. Matt will be missed!.

R.I.P Silly dog.


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