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In Memory of Jay Overbay



Jay Overbay passed away January 9th, 2008 at Overlake Hospital after a lengthy stay.  He is survived by his daughter, Keri, son Marc, two Grandchildren and three Sisters.  Jay Overbay, photo from 2000

Jay was very involved in the Sports Car racing scene starting in 1965 when he started crewing for me and my Corvette racing operation.  He went to the Riverside National Runoffs with me in 1966.  He crewed for me through the 1960ís and worked at my business in 1969.  In the early 1970ís he crewed for Bill Cupp on the Lola that is currently raced and owned by SOVREN driver, Tom Armstrong. 

After crewing for many years Jay decided to lend his racing expertise to the clubs.  He worked with the emergency crew, drove tow trucks and worked as a starter with SCCA-NWR and SOVREN.  Last summer at the PNW Historic Races, Jay and daughter Keri assisted at driver services.

All of us in the racing fraternity will miss Jay and his helpfulness.  A memorial will be held in the near future.

Rick Stark, Corvettes #117 and #17


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