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In Memory of Bernice Stanley



It is with a very  heavy heart that I receive this news and pass it on the the SCCA family.

Bernice passed away from her long fight with cancer this evening, April 12. at about  6:15PM.


The services for Bernice Stanley will be held at 1:30 PM  Monday April 17th.  There will be a service in the chapel, a small reception, and then graveside services all at Skyline. Everyone is invited to all.
          Skyline Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home
          4101 NW Skyline
          Portland, Oregon  97229

Memorial gifts in Bernice's name may be given to Hospice of Washington County *427 SE Eighth Avenue * Hillsboro, Oregon 97123-4519


I’m so sorry for all of us and especially all of you in NorPac to whom she was so close.

I must admit though, her timing is wonderful. If she had to die, she picked Easter time to do it—a time of hope and resurrection.


How fitting for Bernice—she is my poster child for spirit and fortitude.

            “Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon,

             and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”

Bernice, you may be out of our sight but you will forever live in our hearts.


--Barb Lundquist


My “Big Buddy”


I don’t remember when I first met Bernice, I just know that she has filled my life with joy over the last two decades. We worked corners together. We had been co-chiefs of driver services in Northwest Region. At one Double National event, it was very hot weekend. Yes that does happen now and then on Memorial weekend. Driver Services was right next to the impound area. When the NASPORT race was over, and the cars in impound, we had five drivers go down with heat exhaustion. We madly got cool cloths and water in them. We were a good combination.


          When her cancer was so bad she couldn’t work corners, she came to grid and helped with communications. Even last year, she helped out when she could. As you can see by the photo, (thanks to Bob Smethers) she helped last year at the Champ Car race, making sure that the firemen on the wall had enough water to drink and towels to keep them cool. She was a great lady and fought hard to beat the cancer that she had been battling for over seven years. If I have half the “stuff” she was made of, I would be very happy.


          Several years ago, while still on Chemotherapy, I got her started walking events with me. We would have such a great time together. Normally it would take me two hours to walk a 10K event. Sometimes it would take us almost fours hours. Yes she was a little tired, but we would stop and look at things. Maybe sit down in a park and watch the ducks or geese. One time I remember when we got “chased” out of the park by a goose. Ya don’t want to battle with a goose although Bernice could have very easily. For years she was my big buddy and I was her little buddy. Good bye Big Buddy…….I will miss you.


Little Buddy

Margie Swanson


To our Bernie-Lou, our special special angel

The loss of you to all of us, is so huge, but we are also the very lucky people who got to know you when you passed our way in life.

We will remember special moments that only the two of us shared, and the others that everyone was there for.

Bernie-Lou, everyone will take care of Tim, and the family.

Knowing you are watching over us, is very reassuring.

Take Care, and God Bless

Love Karen Smith


Remembering Bernice

By Jeff Zurschmeide - April 12, 2006

I had planned to write about Champ Car tonight. I went to the Champ Car test & tune today, and I had a great time. It was unseasonably warm, with lots of sunshine and big glorious clouds floating by - the kind of spring day that makes me so glad I live in Oregon, and so grateful to be part of our motorsports community.

And maybe it's still appropriate to write about that, even though earlier this evening I heard that Bernice Stanley passed away. Bernice would have loved this day at the track. Lots of her friends were there, some great cars and drivers, and it was a day as relaxed, energetic, warm, and friendly as you could wish for - rather like Bernice herself.

Bernice was taken from us by cancer - too soon and unfairly. But for as long as I live, I will remember that Bernice faced this challenge with courage, faith, and a smile. She didn't just battle cancer, she defied it. She defied it for years longer than the doctors thought she could. And in so doing she claimed as much life as she could get her hands on, and then used that time to give of herself - she made clothing for her friends, worked the races, went to the Runoffs several times, and organized a divisional convention.

I've heard it said that you can fairly judge a person's life by the friends they leave behind. To look around and see the number and quality of friends Bernice has in this club, anyone would agree that she lived well. And when the time comes for each of us to make a reckoning of our lives, don't forget that Bernice Stanley was among your friends, and that says something good about you.

Bernice said to me last year, "Don't worry about me. I'm in the hands of the Lord." I'm going back to PIR tomorrow for another spring day full of big fast noisy Champ Cars. And I'm going to have a good time, and I'll just figure that Bernice is around the track somewhere, doing something - I just haven't run into her yet. It's like that at the track - you don't always see everyone who's there.

Memorial (pdf)


Bernice Louise Stanley Eulogy

Written by Bernice’s Grandson Tim (TJ) Treen with a little help from Aunt Leann



The poem below was on the note card given out at Bernice’s service April 17, 2006.

A 13-year-old girl, who was a neighbor friend of Bernice’s granddaughters, wrote it and she also knew Bernice.


                                                         WE LOVE YOU!


                                             By the hands of God we say “Goodbye”

                                               But our love for you is eternalized,

                                                  For in heaven let your soul reside

                                                      Our dear one—we love you!


                                             Let all angels in heaven cry out in joy

                                                 “A new angel has come to share out

                                                         Lord’s Love and Joy”!!


                                             But back on earth we cry for you.

                                          Not so much in sorrow but in joy for you

                                             For we know one day, be it far or soon,

                                            We’ll climb Mt. Zion to join with you.

                                                For in the hands of God with you

                                             May we proclaim to the world with you

                                                         “WE LOVE YOU” !!


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