Event Chief Job Description

Solo Safety Steward

Apply SCCA official guidelines for event standards and safety practices.

Event Chair

Organize the event and ensure all work positions are filled and all work chiefs have what the need to do their job.

Chief of Tech

Leads the team that performs the technical inspection of all driver's cars and safety equipment to make sure they conform to the requirements in the SCCA Solo and Drift rules.

Chief of Registration

Ensures that all necessary registration forms are filled out by every driver and that every driver pays all required event and SCCA membership fees. Responsible for completing all required paperwork and submitting it to the correct authorities and supplying all proceeds for the school to the club treasurer.

Chief of Workers

Responsible for assigning every participant with a work position, normally done at the same time as registration. Ensures that all worker positions required to run the event are filled.

Chief of Waivers

Leads the team that staffs the entrance to the venue and ensures that the required liability waiver form is signed by EVERYONE who enters the venue. A waiver's worker must be on duty the entire time the venue gate is open. Waivers workers also control access to the venue when the event is limited to pre-registered participants only.

Chief of Grid

Leads the team that ensures that all driver's cars are staged in the official grid area in an orderly fashion according to run groups. Helps keep the event running on time by rounding up any cars not in grid prior to the start of the driving session

Chief of Course Workers

Responsible for making sure every corner worker position is properly staffed and has the required safety equipment available. Makes sure the starting line is staffed and that all course workers are performing their duties in a safe manner.

Chief of Teardown

Responsible for overseeing that all equipment used in the event is picked up and put away. Also ensures that the track is properly cleaned and all litter is disposed of so that the site is left better than we found it.