Driver Information

Registration Details for Drivers

NWR SCCA Drift Days

Please take the time to read through this information to ensure a safe and fun day. By reading all the information below you'll be better prepared for the day and the event will go more smoothly which results in more runs for everyone.

  • As a driver you are responsible for conducting yourself in a manner that positively promotes the drift community. You are also responsible for the behavior of the people you bring with you so make sure they are aware of the rules and will also conduct themselves appropriately before inviting them.
  • While driving on the roads leading to BMP, you MUST adhere to all traffic signals and all speed limit signs. The road leading to BMP goes through a quiet residential neighborhood with many children present. If somebody drives recklessly or even just slightly fast on their way to the event, we may lose our ability to use that venue for future events.
  • The speed limit within the venue is VERY SLOW (10 mph max) while driving anywhere not on course. Violation of this could result in you being required to leave the site.
  • We are sharing site with the SCCA autocross folks who are using the other end of BMP. Usually members of the BMP track board come out and check up on the events to make sure everything is being done properly. There will be a lot of eyes on us so make sure that we show them respect and the best drifting has to offer.
  • How much run time everyone gets ultimately depends on how efficiently the event is run. Drivers must be at their designated work position during their assigned work group before any car can be allowed on the track. If you are not in position at your assigned work position you are stealing run time from others who worked hard to ensure you had safe runs. By showing up to your work assignment quickly everyone will receive the maximum number of runs possible.
  • SCCA events belong to the drivers and volunteers that participate in them. Anyone is welcome to volunteer and contribute their skills to keep these events running. For these events to continue the drivers will need to step up and contributed as much of their time and talent as they are able to grow the program. You are strongly encouraged to not just show up and do the minimum to get by but take an active part and look for ways to help jump in and get it done!
These events will be as good as the effort we put into them.

How to get to BMP:

Google Maps - Bremerton Motorsports Park


6995 SW Old Clifton Rd

Port Orchard, WA 98367

Notes: You can take the Edmonds/Kingston or Seattle/Bremerton ferry if your car/areo is not too low. Ferry information can be found here:

HWY 16 Tacoma narrows bridge is now a toll bridge on the eastbound return trip only. Toll information here.



See the Next Event page for current registration instructions.

Due to SCCA insurance restrictions all drivers and passengers MUST be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event and possess a valid driver's license.

ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they are not allowed on the site. To get detailed information on the insurance waivers and to print out the minor waiver, click here.

What to do when you get there:

  • Arrive at 7:30 AM or before.
  • Everyone must sign the waiver form as they enter the venue.
  • Park in the pit area as directed by the waivers worker.
  • Find the registration person near the garage and sign in for the event.
  • Remove all loose items from your car and prepare it for tech inspection.
  • Bring your car and helmet to the tech area.
  • Stay with your car during tech inspection until it has passed.
  • After your car has passed tech put your car into grid.
  • Walk the course to familiarize yourself with the setup.
  • Attend the Drivers Meeting held in the grid area at 8:45.

Work Assignments:

All drivers are required to fulfill a work assignment to participate in this event.

This is a volunteer not for profit event and requires everyone's participation to run smoothly and safely. You will be giving additional details about your work assignment when you register the morning of the event. If you bring a pit person they are encouraged to volunteer and register to perform a work assignment as well.

If you have experience from working at other drift or motorsports events and would like to volunteer for an assignment other than corner working please email with your preferred work position.

After you are done running park your car and immediately head out to your work position. It is not acceptable to work on your car when you are supposed to be on course at your assigned position.

All drivers are required to help clean up the course and put away equipment at the end of the day prior to leaving. Do not leave until the course has been torn down, all garbage has been disposed of, and the site is returned to a better condition than what we found it in. Many hands make light work!

Failure to complete your work assignment or not clean up at the end of the day will result in not being allowed to participate in future events. If something comes up and you need to leave early for some reason arrange it with the event chair before leaving.


Here are some of the important rules that everyone must follow. It is every driver's responsibility to know these rules prior to coming to the event and follow them. To ensure we can continue holding these events we need to self regulate and make sure we always conduct ourselves in a way that positively promotes drifting.
  • Please thoroughly read all infomation on the Rules Page
    • SCCA Drift Rules Link
      • See section 5.3, 6.2, and 7 for Tech inspection requirements
    • NWR SCCA Supplemental Rules
      • Please note section 18 and 22 regarding Course safety - failure to meet these will result in the driver no longer being allowed to run for the rest of the day
  • All drivers and passengers must be 18 years old or older on the day of the event.
  • Drivers must have a valid drivers license.
  • A helmet meeting the 95, 2000, 2005, or 2010 Snell Foundation standards (SA, K, or M) in good condition helmet must be worn at all times while driving on the course. A limited number of loaner helmets will be available but not guaranteed. If your helmet does not meet these certifications SCCA rules require that we lock the helmet away in a secured storage area for the duration of the event so it cannot be used.
  • Fluid leaks will cause you to fail tech. See the Fluid Leak bulletin for full details.
  • No drugs or alcohol.
  • If at any time a driver leaves the paved track surface with all four wheels off the pavement they are not allowed to drive for the rest of the day without a refund. The driver must complete the work assignment for that run group before they are allowed to leave. Always drive within your limits and if you do go completely off the track please self enforce this rule without protest.
  • Current rules and insurance does not allow tandem drifting at these events.


The SCCA insurance rules require everyone who enters the site to sign a waiver. Everyone is legally considered a 'participant'; in the event. If you invite anyone to come watch there is no charge but they must sign the waiver. Non driving participants may watch from the grandstands but may not enter the grid, course, or other areas consider 'hot'; at any time unless they are working in an assigned work position. Anyone behaving in an unsafe manner will be directed to leave the premises immediately. No drugs or alcohol. Make sure anyone you invite will properly respect the site by throwing away your trash and behave in a manner that best reflects the drift community.

Driver Tips:

  • Full Tank of Gas - Plan on arriving with a full tank of gas. Drifting uses a lot of fuel so it is best to make sure you have plenty for the full day. You may miss out on run time if you have to get more gas.
  • Spare Wheels and Tires - Make sure you bring one to three pairs of spare wheels/tires as your budget allows. It would be a shame to end your day early because you run out of tire. Be sure you bring all the sockets/lug keys and tools you need including jack and jack stands if you have them. There may be jacks and tools available to borrow but it is always best to bring your own.
  • Maintain your car - The most important thing to prepare on your car is to ensure that everything is safe and it is will maintained. You do not want to loose track time because of a mechanical that could have been prevented. 
  • Lunch - A caterer will be on site to selling affordable (~$10) lunch (usually hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ) and drinks. Make sure to bring your own drinks and snacks. During the lunch you can leave to purchase lunch from nearby restaurants but make sure you are back in time and ready for the afternoon session to start.

Join us for a fun an laid back day of drifting!